Harbor continues to provide services during Coronavirus. Call 419-475-4449 to schedule an appointment. View link below to take self-screenings if you feel you are at risk for mental health or substance use issues.

New Patients

Need to schedule your first appointment? Call 419-475-4449. Access Center Hours: Mon-Wed 8 am-7 pm; Thurs 8 am-6 pm; Fri 8 am-5 pm. Please allow 24 business hours for email response.

1-800-475-4449 AllAccessStaff@harbor.org

Existing Patients

Need to make or cancel an appointment? Need to refill a prescription? Please call 419-475-4449.

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Prescription Refills

Need a prescription refill? Call your pharmacy first. If no refills are available at your pharmacy, please call 419-475-4449. Please allow 5 business days prior to needing prescription refill.



It is important that if a client's insurance requires a referral from their primary care physician, the client should notify our schedulers of their referral source at the time of the initial call. Please tell your clients to mention your name when they call us to set up an appointment. It is also a good idea to send a written referral notice with the client for us to keep on file.

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Other Referral Sources

For referral sources other than physicians, it is still helpful for the client to let us know during that first phone call how they heard about us. If you have any questions about making referrals, please contact us at 419.475.4449.

Call us with Referral Information

Call 419.475.4449

Fax us with Referral Information

Fax 419.479.3844